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The Royal Fortress of Suceava.

Placed on a rocky hill, on the East side of Suceava, the fortress was erected during the reign of Petru I Musat (1375-1391). During the ruling of Alexander the Good, a protection wall was built in front of the gate and the interior court was paved. As an order from Stephen the Great (1457-1504), the fortress was highly fortified by the building of a precinct wall which surrounded the old fort. Inside the court, there were the rooms of the ruler and his family, of the the ruler's servants, the soldiers, food and ammunition deposits. The fortress is mentioned for the first time in official documents on the 10th of February 1388.

The Royal Fortress of Suceava had not only a history which was rich in events and war facts, but it had often been considered the core resistance bastion of the entire area of Moldavia against potential conquerors. Nowadays, the architectural complex of the Royal Fortress suggests a veridical image of life in the Middle Ages.

cetatea de scaun

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