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Marginea Ceramics

The ceramics from Marginea is already a well-known trade mark. The beginnings of pottery in Marginea have been established by the historians around the year 1500. Pottery began as human necessity to store their food. The burnt-clay pottery has contributed to the development of society, as it offered a great possibility to store safely and to cook various dishes.

The world-wide known black pottery of Marginea is obtained by using a prehistoric burning technique, and by polishing it with a river stone. This technique used by the pottery hand-craft workers in Marginea is unique in the entire world. Nowadays, the pottery is made in the work-shops of the Magopat family, and they are being visited by an overwhelming number of tourists from all over the world. Some important leaders, such as the Emperor of Japan, The King of Romania, The Queen of Holland, The Shah of Iran or the Governor of Canada have also vistied Marginea.


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