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manastirea humorului
Humor Monastery

Humor Monastery is one of the most popular edifices of the Moldavian Middle Ages. In the endless forests from Bucovina, a stone church was built on a small hill near Gura Humorului, during the reign of Alexander the Good.

Today, the ruins of the old church can still be visited nearby the new Monastery of Humor, built in 1530 by the great nobleman Toader Bubuiog. The Monastery of Humor is special because of its great artistic values, and due to the peacefulness it offers the visitors. Although rank was of great importance during the Middle Ages, this church being thus built with traditional roof shingles, and not with towers, Humor Monastery is a place where arts, tradition and the profound belief in God intertwine.

manastirea humorului
The commune of Manastirea Humorului spirituality and tradition

In its beautiful legendary surroundings, Manastirea Humorului pleases the eye and brings welfare in the souls of the ones who have the chance to visit it.

A well-known tradition in Bucovina is that of painted eggs. This custom is related to the Easter Holidays. In the Good Friday before the holly Easter, the women usually paint the eggs. This custom has become a craft over the years, and there are also many children who like to practice it as well.

Yarning and sewing are still practiced in Manastirea Humorului. Many women practice these crafts, and they also sell hand-made carpets or towels nearby the entrance in the monastery.

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