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Tarife valabile in perioada 01.07.2018 - 31.12.2018:

* Cu exceptia sarbatorilor de iarna si a celor pascale !

Camera singleCamera dublaApartamentCamera tripla
fara MD 130 Lei 150 Lei 210 Lei 180 Lei
MD inclus 150 Lei 190 Lei 250 Lei 240 Lei

- You can enjoy your meals in our restaurant, which offers you varieties from the traditional and international kitchen.

- Extra beds are available only in the apartments.

- We offer a 5-10% discount for groups, depending on the number of persons.

- In case you want to pay us an advance, you can use the following bank account: RO95RNCB0240023373990001 open at BCR Gura Humorului.

- We accept credit cards !

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